About Us

Formed in 1999, with well over 30 years of IT experience, IT Solutions has supported computer networks in the commercial sector for over 18 years, in Essex Suffolk Kent and London from offices in Upminster and Basildon. We believe in forging long lasting relationships with customers in an ever changing IT industry. Love or hate it, IT is part of every day business. On average 4% of company turnover is spent on IT costs every year and we try to make sure that customers invest wisely. The very IT that is supposed to help you, can sometimes frustrate and slow you down and cause serious operational issues which in turn affects productivity. With so many IT support providers its hard to try and find one who cares about you, your company and has your best interests at heart - sometimes you simply haven't got the time to try them all.

Outsourcing your IT with IT Solutions gives you access to technical engineers who will provide you with as much, or as little, technical support as you need, whether for 7 days a week or just a few hours a week, and all for an affordable cost. Problems are logged, monitored and resolved quickly and efficiently to agreed service level agreements. Customers are kept well informed with problems and resolutions via email and phone.

We run a remote helpdesk using state-of-the-art remote connection software to deal with business critical problems so that you can operate your business with minimum downtime and stress. If we cannot resolve the issue remotely, we will send an engineer who is familiar with your system to your site to fix the problem quickly and efficiently - that means no time wasted learning your system again. Normally 90% of most problems can be resolved without a time consuming site visit required. Monthly contracts mean no surprise costs. 

For pay as you go support, those organizations that already have some in house IT support, feel safe that additional technical IT support that can help resolve any issues quickly and efficiently is "on tap" and only a phone call away.

Whether you’re looking for a pay as you go service or an on-going monthly contract, switching to IT Solutions could be one of the best decisions you ever make.

Give us a call or email today to see how we can help remove the stresses of IT from your daily routine.

 We don't talk jargon - just good old fashioned English!